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Help Us Remove Roadblocks via Ballot Initiative

Fellow Californians, help us put an initiative on the 2018 ballot. It will do three things: Create a healthcare trust fund, exempt the trust from the Gann Limit and Prop 98, and prevent the healthcare trust from being raided for the general fund. SB562 and any other healthcare legislation will need these roadblocks removed to succeed. Unfortunately, we only have a couple of weeks to get this submitted to the state.

Help we need:
1) Writing it. The initiative should be kept as simple as possible. It will not be a replacement for legislation.
2) Monetary. It will cost money to submit, advertise, and print materials for signature gathering operations.
3) Petitioning. After this is submitted, we’ll have only 180 days to get over 600,000 signatures to qualify for the ballot. We’ll need people collecting signatures at every supermarket and farmer’s market throughout the state.

If you want to help with #1 and #3, please message us to sign up. If you wish to help monetarily, a link is provided below.

1) What’s the Gann Limit (Prop 4) and why do we care?
The legislative analyst put out a highly educational report just this year about it. But tl;dr: It’s the state spending cap on the general fund. Despite what some people have said, this cannot be worked around without a ballot initiative or it’ll be subject to a long court fight.

2) What’s Prop 98?
It’s a mandatory education spending formula based on all revenue coming into the state. While we love education, any healthcare funding would automatically lose 40% to education without an exemption for healthcare. That’s another huge obstacle. It’s best to keep these two programs separate.


Please contribute $5 or more and help us get our initiative on the ballot.


Enact Universal Healthcare for CA is a California 501(c)(4) non-profit run by Californians. We’re not a state agency, and we don’t have deep pockets. We’re simply working-class folks who want to help our neighbors.

Obligatory IRS safe-harbor statement: Contributions or gifts to Enact Universal Healthcare for CA are not tax deductible.


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