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Necessary First Step

“[The California Healthcare Roadblock Removal Act] is a necessary first step before the Legislature can pass a state-run, single-payer health insurance program.”

-CALmatters 1/4/18

Fellow Californians,

If you want any kind of healthcare expansion, including single payer, and any type of cost controls, healthcare funding must be exempted from the Gann Limit (Prop 4) and from Prop 98.

What is the CHRRA?

From Ballotpedia:

  • “Proponents of the measure refer to the initiative as the California Healthcare Roadblock Removal Act.”
  • “The measure would create a healthcare trust fund called the Healthy California Trust Fund (HCTF). The HCTF would be used to fund, promote, support, and improve healthcare and healthcare-related goods, services, education, and outcomes in California. The HCTF would be independent of the General Fund.”
  • “The measure would exempt the HCTF from Proposition 4 of 1979, also known as the Gann Limit, and Proposition 98 of 1988. Proposition 4 established appropriations limits on the state and local governments. Proposition 98 required a minimum percentage of the state budget to be spent on K-14 education.”
  • “No direct fiscal impact on state and local governments.”
  • “The initiative itself would not establish a single-payer or other type of healthcare system; a legislative statute or a different citizen’s initiative would be required.”

Here’s an example of just how messed up our state constitution is that applies not only to a single payer system, but to any cost controls such as global budgeting or a statewide buying pool for pharma:
Total healthcare spending in CA is $400B and if the state simply held that and paid it back out, $200B would automatically be sent to education via Prop 98. Prop 4 would rebate $194B from the other half back to the taxpayers. Healthcare would be left with almost nothing.

That is obviously an unintended outcome, but it is one that shackles us from achieving any kind of evolution on healthcare. Urge your legislators to do the right thing and place the CHRRA on the ballot.

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