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They’re trying to trick you for profit about Medicare For All

Source: Durango Herald

Beware of false and deceiving publications blasting the cost of Medicare For All. A recent analysis of the costs of universal health care misled and failed to thoroughly investigate all the actual cost savings our nation would reap.

If Canada has been able to offer its citizens universal health care at half our per-capita cost for six decades, why can’t the U.S.? Thirty-four free-market democracies around the world have made the moral decision to provide health care for all their citizens. Why not us?

Hospitals, health insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry all want to protect their profits. They are getting scared because 70 percent of Americans now favor Medicare For All. Be cautious of fear tactics that threaten to impede our progress.

Americans are radically overcharged in most segments of health care. A Wall Street Journal report found that a hospital in Wisconsin charged $50,000 for knee replacement surgery, even though it cost the hospital closer to $10,000, including the physician’s steep salary. That’s an 80 percent profit margin.

Another study found 500 hospitals routinely charge a 10-fold mark-up on common services – on top of huge price discrepancies between providers. Adding to the confusion: a lack of transparency of costs for procedures and surgeries so no one can prudently shop around.

We need drastic change and new oversight in our health care arena. Exercise your clout: Vote this fall for candidates who support Medicare For All.

Health care should be a right for everyone.

Jan Phillips


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