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EUHC4CA Poll: 51 Percent Of Californians Support Elimination Of Private Health Insurance For Single Payer Healthcare

In a recent poll, a majority of Californians said they’d dump private health insurance in favor of a Single Payer universal healthcare system, with only 28% opposed.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Feb. 11, 2019 —  By a wide 23 point margin, Californians are in favor of replacing their private health insurance system with Single Payer healthcare, with 51% in support versus 28% opposed.

“Californians are not only prepared to pay for Single Payer’s installation, they want to gut renovate the entire house. Legislators, take note: The Healthcare Rebellion is here,” said Dale Fountain, Chairperson/CEO of Enact Universal Healthcare for California.

A previous poll showed 61% of Californians supported tax increases for Single Payer.

“It’s not surprising that Californians know what they want, and they’re angry nothing’s being done,” said Vice Chairperson Michael Saucedo.

In January, EUHC4CA released its Soft Single Payer proposal for California, which costs the state less than half a percent of other single payer proposals, no tax increases, and provides tuition and retirement assistance to doctors and nurses.

EUHC4CA is the largest single payer organization in California with over 117,000 supporters within the state.

Enact Universal Healthcare for California partnered with Google Surveys to ask one question: “Do you support replacing the private health insurance system in CA with a single payer system, in which all residents not on Medicare would get health ins. from the state?

The February 8-10 poll had a sample size of 2,208 adult Californians with a +/- 2% margin of error.


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