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EUHC4CA Poll: 67 Percent Of Californians Oppose The Individual Mandate

Californians overwhelmingly rejected imposing penalties on those who don’t have or can’t afford health insurance, according to the latest EUHC4CA/Google Surveys poll. Only 14% supported such a mandate.

67% of Californians oppose the ACA individual mandate

SUNNYVALE, Calif.Mar. 7, 2019 — According to a new poll from Enact Universal Healthcare for California and Google Surveys, Californians widely rejected Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed reinstatement of the ACA’s individual mandate penalties — 67% opposed vs 14% in support.

“Californians don’t want to pour salt on an open wound. Health insurance premiums and deductibles are becoming more unaffordable each year, and that is no one’s fault but the Legislature’s continued inaction,” said Dale Fountain, Chairperson/CEO of Enact Universal Healthcare for California.

“We need to stop punishing the poor with half-baked schemes that only serve to prop up greedy private health insurance corporations. This is a severely regressive measure that does nothing to address affordability. It is no wonder that Californians want it thrown out,” said Vice Chairperson Michael Saucedo.

Previous polls showed 61% of Californians supported tax increases for Single Payer, and 51% of Californians support eliminating private insurance altogether.

Enact Universal Healthcare for California is the largest single payer organization in California with over 117,000 supporters within the state.

Enact Universal Healthcare for California partnered with Google Surveys to poll 2,029 randomly sampled adult Californians via phone, with a ±2% margin of error.

Full results and dataset can be found here.


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