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They’re trying to trick you for profit about Medicare For All

Source: Durango Herald Beware of false and deceiving publications blasting the cost of Medicare For All. A recent analysis of the costs of universal health care misled and failed to thoroughly investigate all the actual cost savings our… Read More

Average deductible in employer healthcare plan hits nearly $1,500

Source: Employee Benefits News Workers enrolled in employer-sponsored healthcare plans are paying an average deductible of $1,491 for individual coverage and nearly $2,788 for family coverage, according to a new survey from the nonprofit International Foundation of Employee… Read More

The time for single-payer system is now

Source: Moscow-Pullman Daily News I read in the Daily News (“Old Peking owner retired, but grateful,” Sept. 1) with a fair amount of chagrin about the closing of the Old Peking Restaurant in Moscow. The owner, Vinh “Sam”… Read More

Study: U.S. Patients Pay Higher Rx Costs, Get Fewer Days of Therapy

Source: AAFP Americans prescribed common medications by their primary care physicians spend twice as much at the pharmacy as patients do in 10 other wealthy countries — combined. Yet U.S. patients get fewer days of treatment from these… Read More

Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, Democrat Harley Rouda virtually tied in crucial California race

Source: CNBC California GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is facing a tight race for re-election and polling neck-and-neck with his challenger, businessman Harley Rouda. Republicans have a nearly 10 percentage point registration advantage in California’s 48th Congressional District. Among… Read More

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