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Majority of Americans Choose To Keep Their Doctors Over Private Insurance

Chart showing majority of Americans wanting to keep their doctor versus private insurance

In an Oct. 2019 EUHC4CA/Google Surveys poll, a majority of Americans favored keeping their doctors versus keeping their insurance companies by a 22 point margin. SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Oct. 15, 2019 — By an overwhelming 22 point margin, 51… Read More

Majority of Americans Support Raising Taxes And Eliminating Private Health Insurers for Single Payer / “Medicare-for-All”

EUHC4CA/Google Surveys Single Payer Poll Results

In a Sept. 2019 EUHC4CA/Google Surveys poll, 53% of Americans favored dumping private health insurers and moving the entire country to Single Payer. SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Oct. 7, 2019 — A majority of Americans put private health insurance companies… Read More

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