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About Us

Enact Universal Healthcare for CA was founded as a Facebook page in November 2016 after seeing the results of the presidential election in California (62% voted for a candidate that would keep the ACA intact), seeing that the state legislature had quietly dropped any healthcare reform bills since 2012, and seeing absolutely no public knowledge of even the 2006 bill that was passed but vetoed by Gov. Schwarzenegger.

When the Facebook page took off in popularity and grew in size by using only pure honesty and a bit of gallows humor, it became clear from the overwhelmingly positive response from people and businesses that this was turning into a movement, and what was needed was an organization to lead it.

And so, 3 months after the Facebook page was created, Enact Universal Healthcare for CA was incorporated as a 501(c)(4) political non-profit.

Our main objectives:

1) Educate all Californians about universal healthcare and single-payer
2) Organize Californians to pressure the legislature and governor to pass single-payer, using rallies, letter-writing/call-in/email campaigns, media, and polling booths
3) Work with the legislature, governor, and existing healthcare organizations to craft a reasonable and feasible bill
4) Take it to the ballot if necessary
5) Repeat unrelentingly until passage

Board of Directors
Dale Fountain, Chairperson/CEO
Sandy McKeithan, CFO
Michael Saucedo

Media/Press correspondent
Terri Carlson

Enact Universal Healthcare for CA, Inc.
A California 501(c)(4) corporation
EIN 82-0693257

100 S. Murphy Ave. Suite 200
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

+1 (408) 462-0452


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